Contributing Artists

Bennett Cooper

Cooper is a Sergeant in the Michigan Air National Guard and a recent graduate of Grand Valley State University's Legal Studies and Human Rights programs. He is working at the VA Disability Law Center and is the founder of the Great Lakes Axe Company, which he uses as his creative outlet.

James Hurley

James is an Army National Guard veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. James now serves in his shop and does custom woodworking and engraving for Razors Edge.

Ron White

Ron is a professional photographer with over 25 years of experience in capturing everything from landscapes to lighthouses, and rock concerts to professional sports.

Jeremiah Jones

Jeremiah is a U. S. Army veteran with an impressive military record. Jeremiah now does impressive work through Triple J Knives, and has 20 years of experience handcrafting custom knives.

Mike Siver

Mike was in the U. S. Navy's Submarine Service in the 1960s. Since his service, Mike has spent many years as an author and life coach, whose work is available at Mike is also an artist and enjoys displaying his artwork at the Foundation.

Kerry "Doc" Pardue

Doc Pardue served in Vietnam as a medic with a recon platoon assigned to the 9th Infantry. Doc's book, Rice Paddy Stew and Saigon Tea, is available on Amazon along with signed copies if you reach out to this hero himself: